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What metal fabrication needs do you have?

Platform-Manufacturing Group - Custom Steel Fabrication Job


  • Pre-Fabrication Design
  • Structural Engineering
  • Full Service Fabrication & Manufacturing
  • Project Installation
  • Project Management
  • Continuing Industry Education
Platform Manufacturing Group - steel fabrication multi-family project


Platform Manufacturing Group is a highly experienced metal fabrication company with a wide product range and services that focus on the multi-family, commercial, architectural, industrial, and mixed-use markets. Most importantly, we help our clients develop exactly what they envision. We thrive on being a true “Concept to Completion” company.

Platform Steel Manufacturing

why choose us

    Over 20 years experience in the industry
    Complete all in-house solution for metal fabrication
    We work hard to maintain a client first attitude

Servicing All Your Metal Fabrication Needs


For over 20 years, we have been providing structural and miscellaneous steel to the multi-family industry.


Our commercial capabilities includes restaurants, hotels, retail centers, senior living, offices and much more.


We excel in projects that require precise details, high quality, specialized materials, and special certifications.


Our manufacturing facility is operated by craftsman with the ability to do any type of fabrication in the metal industry.


Looking to add functional/decorative, custom metal elements to your project? Let our design and fabrication team be your source.

Stairs & Platforms

We fabricate the highest quality metal stairs and platforms for both indoors and outdoors that are built to last.


We build all types of commercial and multi-family carports in many different styles and materials.

Design Build

We have the knowledge and ability to help our clients assess, design, engineer, fabricate, and install their unique projects.

Save Time & Money

A Game-Changer

MSS was specifically developed to help commercial builders alleviate many of the issues surrounding multi-level stair erection. By fabricating and shipping complete modules, installation time is shortened and allows the contractor to focus on other tasks. Whether 2 levels or 20, narrow or wide, MSS gives contractors a speedy, quality option for stair systems on any project.

Installing the Modular Stair System
Modular Stair System Assembly