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Modular Stair System

Installing stairs on most construction projects can be time-consuming, may create safety concerns and can disrupt the overall completion schedule. MSS was specifically developed to help commercial builders alleviate many of the issues surrounding multi-level stair erection. By fabricating and shipping complete modules, installation time is shortened and allows the contractor to focus on other tasks. Whether 2 levels or 20, narrow or wide, MSS gives contractors a speedy, quality option for stair systems on any project.

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Modular Stair System
Fully Fabricated Modules - Assembled On-Site
  • Improves safety on-site by eliminating the use of site ladders.
  • Save time by installing 5 levels in hours instead of days, giving building inspectors early inspection options.
  • Multi-level Access Speeds up production on-site by creating easy access to multiple levels for all trades.
  • Various options for standard or custom units are available for all types of projects.
  • Save money with greater efficiency, which means less man-hours and lower cost.
Modular Stair System shipped complete to job site
Installing the Modular Stair System
Modular Stair System Assembly