2540 Sherman St.
Melissa, TX 75454


We design, fabricate and install high quality, innovative metal and steel products for the nation’s best contractors and builders.


  • Pre-Fabrication Design
  • Structural Engineering
  • Full Service Fabrication & Manufacturing
  • Project Installation
  • Project Management
  • Continuing Industry Education 


  • Assess using design and data driven insight with on-site assessment, field experts engage to determine customers actual needs.
  • Advise on a tailored action plan and customized approach to solve the complete design and engineering problems of the customer.
  • Implement best practices and solutions for improvement in key areas increasing productivity, safety, and ultimately profits.
  • Sustain key relationships and add value into the future with quality service, follow up and communication.

When you choose Platform, you can expect top-notch fabrication services and facilities. We also offer competitive pricing, innovative scheduling and production systems, high volume capabilities, superior customer service, and an unsurpassed reputation for quality.


Platform Manufacturing Group (PMG) strives to build strong, collaboritive partnerships that assist our clients in seamless implementation of all their metal fabrication needs. With the latest in CADD and scheduling software, PMG provides professional design and engineering services. We are an up-to-date, tech-driven company combined with seasoned professionals. This gives PMG the capability to create clear solutions to real world client needs.

At our core, PMG has a strong team of leaders, operators and skilled craftsmen. Together, the PMG team has over 120 years of combined operational and fabricating experience in the steel industry.

Using steel or some other metal in your next project?